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Newtec Dialog® Awarded WTA Teleport Technology of the Year

MSUA Satellite 2020 Mobility Awards Named ST Engineering iDirect as ‘Company to Watch’

Be Purposeful. Trailblazing Mobility for Tomorrow

Challenge the Status Quo. Sensemaking Diverse Ideas for Impact

Courage to Innovate and Mentor

Be Bold and Have Fun. The World is your Oyster

Be Curious and Resilient. Simply, Reach for the Moon

Adopt a Legacy-driven Mindset Empowering Incisive Moments for Lives

Be Authentic - Build Trusted Relationships

Be Obsessed with Intuitive Design

Smart Lighting: Illuminating the pulse of the heartlands

Combating GNSS Jamming at Sea

Industry's First Variable Pitch Platform Screen Door

Securing Perimeters in Airport

Connecting Rural Communities

A Towering Achievement

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